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Pentecost University College 


About PUC Foundation

  • Mission

A 501(c)(3) Foundation seeking resources in the United States to support Pentecost University College in Ghana

  • Vision

To build a strong network with stakeholders through which volunteers and donors can efficiently and consistently, carry out our mission.

  • Objectives

The following are the primary objectives of the Foundation:

  • A 501(c)(3) Foundation: A Committee seeking resources in the United States on behalf of Pentecost University College
  • Generate financial resources in support of specific capital projects at PUC. These projects must be directly linked to the training and development of students in courses that will prepare them to contribute to the socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa.
  • Establish an independent 501(c)(3) PUC Foundation to support the primary objective.
  • Facilitate linkages between PUC and reputable academic institutions that will lead to faculty and student exchanges.
  • Facilitate collaborations between PUC and Corporations / Foundations in the US.
  • Facilitate or assist in faculty capacity building at PUC by recommending qualified professionals, scientists and business executives for seminars, short term and long term teaching appointments.
  • Advise PUC Council and Administration as necessary, on various matters that will ensure the development of the college into a top ranked university in Ghana/Africa (#1 private university in Ghana).
  • Facilitate and assist PUC to achieve its 10-year Strategic Plan.

More About The University

Some information on the

Pentecost University College: